Located in Austin, 3 Train Pizzeria serves pizza the way you remember it from your last trip to New York City.



John Dellamarco started making pizzas when he was a kid, growing up in New York. Now that he's an adopted Texan, he tosses his mouth-watering disks of sauce- and cheese-covered dough in a pizzeria in west central Austin. 

The pies are made from top-quality ingredients, and the dough and the sauce are handmade, every single day. Got a craving for a margherita pizza? We've got it. Need a barbecue chicken pie RIGHT NOW? Call us. We'll have it ready. And don't forget our freshly-cut salads, cold beers, and delicious cheesecake, if you have any room left in your stomach. 



(512) 346-1414



8127 Mesa Drive (near the intersection of Mesa and Spicewood Springs Rd)
Austin, TX 78759



Mon-Sat 11a–9p
Sun 12p–9p